Our Manifesto

The morning greets you
And the day smiles just to receive you
Beautiful and brown like creation
Like the world’s very first beginning
In the present,
You’re the gift that keeps on giving
Part sister warmth/ part mother wisdom
In the span of your strut and the expanse of your gaze
You are a vessel of melanin that slays
In this body,
Your body
Each body

Word to becoming

Word to celebrating limbs and flesh,
How they love, how they move

Elewa – that bronzed hue, precedes you
Your colour whispered by the sun itself
Amara – You own the light of the world, don’t you?
You radiate a new story
Buhle – A glory that they hold onto hope to discover, but you know
None can replicate this inner-glow
Girl, GO
Be bold
Zuri – Your beauty is a luminous treasure
They may try, but can never measure
Runako – Who you are
Is its own echelon, only understood by spirits who are in tune
To the frequency of the gods dancing divine within you
Amara – You
Gorgeous and important
Setting the world ablaze with a spirit
Beaming brilliance from a dazzling height
In this body,
Your body
Each body